Nutritional Philosophy

Our nutritional practice is NOT a “this for that” practice where symptoms are treated by using nutrition to treat disease. At The Wellness Place we determine where you may have weaknesses to one or more systems of the body and then we support those systems with lifestyle modifications, nutrition and herbs.

We use only whole food supplements and the highest quality herbs. You will learn that 99% of the nutritional supplements sold in this country are synthetic, created in pharmaceutical labs from bacteria or petroleum and are not complete. They are isolated fractions of a whole vitamin that are considered by “experts” to be a vitamin. They are in fact not only useless, but often, very dangerous. For that reason we recommend good, organic fresh foods or whole food supplements made of carefully dehydrated organic foods.

“Nature does not produce vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, or any other food components in concentrated or segregated forms, but merges and blends them –synchronizes them – for the body’s needs. The idea that “if a little is good, more is better” leads to ingestion of mega doses of “high potency,” refined, separated “nutrients”, dismantled, disassembled, or artificially manufactured chemical supplements. This will “work” for a short time by pharmacologically stimulating or suppressing.  Eventually, this method backfires and causes complications, imbalances.  The body works to eliminate the excess and what it perceives as foreign, non-food.  It attempts to combine the isolated chemical and other members of the complex, which normally appear in food, taking rather than giving.  Such supplements do not contribute to health, they only disrupt it.  Balance and function-not quantity- are the keys.” 

Excerpt, “Nutrition News and Views” Judith DeCava, CCN, LNC, Vol 3, No 3


Medical Disclaimer

Be advised that any nutritional program suggested at The Wellness Place is not intended as a treatment for any disease. The intent of any nutritional recommendation is to support the physiological and biochemical processes of the human body. Dr. Greg is not a medical doctor and cannot diagnose, treat or cure any disease. The Wellness Place is not a medical office and does not accept insurance for nutritional examinations or supplements. Before making any changes to your diet, prescription medications, lifestyle or exercise activities, you are advised to check with your medical doctor first.


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